“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela


GDECA is an independent consulting agency specialised in equal opportunities’ management.

Thus, GDECA focuses not only on equality between men and women
but takes into account the diversity characterising men and women such as origin, race, age, disability, class, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
Our holistic approach allows us to take into account the multiple criteria characterising a human being in order to better fight against discriminations and promote social and professional wellbeing.
We help our clients to avoid or solve conflicts related to discriminations at workplace. This type of conflicts lead to wealth loss
for institutions and enterprises (conflicts management, sick-leave, brain-drain, negative image, etc.).

An organisation that mainstreams equal opportunities in its institutional culture is one that respects human values, has a vision, innovates and is willing to prevent conflicts.
And in so doing, possesses the key (for inclusive, equitable and sustainable management) to success and progress.



An entrepreneur (having difficulties with his team) mandates GDECA to analyse his management. He would like to optimise his employees’ productivity by implementing professional well-being conditions. GDECA analyses, issues recommendations and (by request) implements them, makes a follow up and an evaluation.


A public, private or international sector’s department mandates GDECA to conceptualise an action plan and/or an awareness’ program to eliminate any kind of discrimination.


A school has conceptualized a program to fight against gender based violence. However this program is difficult to apply regarding cultural diversity. The school mandates GDECA to analyse the feasibility of the program, to implement it and to ensure the follow up. If needed, the program can be adjusted.


A multinational company wants to open a branch in Accra, Ghana (Western Africa); What is the sociocultural context? What kind of goods and services to focus on? Who are the potential customers? What are the business cultural codes to be aware of and to respect? The multinational company mandates GDECA to forward them this kind of information and to train the employees who will be travelling to Accra for business: purchasing power, gender based relations, diversity regarding language, ethnicity, culture, etc.


An international organisation mandates GDECA to evaluate the impact of its equal opportunities policies.


A child, a teenager, an employee is suffering because of discrimination and harassment. He or she has lost self-esteem. A parent, a family member, an employer (who has previously aware the concerned person) contacts GDECA for active listening sessions, counselling and empowerment.