We are convinced that our services will bring an added value into:

Business' world

By taking into account human diversity. It’s everything already done for everybody? Not really. That’s why:

GDECA helps you to identify (here or elsewhere) goods and services for categories of people which demands are not yet fulfilled despite a relevant purchasing power.

GDECA is your interface to let you know and to adjust you into the business’ culture of your client: business’ trip, market research, temporary mandates, etc.

Institutional management

GDECA assists to establish healthy workplace environments that allows all kind of employees to feel valorise, to identify themselves with their institution and to develop their full potential. That is why:

GDECA assists you into preventing and dealing with conflicts related to (possible) discriminations. GDECA assists you to implementing fair management.

Daily life and relationships

Your ally: your personal development despite difficulties.

Discriminated? Harassed?

GDECA coaches you to restore your self-esteem and gives you tools to identify and reply with calm and respect to attacks against you.

International Geneva

Professionally its one of or main assets:

GDECA lives and cultivates daily the International Geneva. No free time? GDECA finds out and gathers harmoniously the different universes in Geneva (for your business, institutional and/or organisational’ needs).
GDECA provides you cultural and socio-economics’knowledge of different regions and countries worldwide.

Added-values by GDECA